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Historically, women did not have a choice of having an All Female OB/GYN clinic for their feminine health care. Now, Centreville, VA has just that for women who prefer having their gynecology handled by female physicians. All Female OB/GYN offers gynecology, women’s prenatal care, and an obstetrician, all by a female gynecologist and an all female staff.

Dr. Khan is a reputable gynecologist who has lived and worked in the Centreville area for years, helping women of all ages to receive high-quality feminine health care. Her OB/GYN practice sets the standard for “comprehensive and compassionate care, for women of all ages.” No other OB/GYN practice in Centreville provides exclusive OB/GYN care for women.

You have access to exceptional medical care during your pregnancy, for routine OB/GYN care, and all other gynecology needs. Dr. Khan even performs ultrasounds and minor surgeries in her office with admitting privileges to Reston and Inova Hospitals.

Women physicians make up a greater percentage of gynecologists and obstetricians than ever before. Only All Female OB/GYN caters specifically to the desires of many women who feel much more at ease with a female obstetrician and gynecologist.

Now you can receive the type of feminine care that you have been looking for. Feel more comfortable when you need OB/GYN care by contacting All Female OB/GYN.


When you live in Centreville, VA, finding an OB/GYN practice that provides superior health care specifically for women is easy. All Female OB/GYN is the only all female OB/GYN practice in Centreville. That is because we know that women feel more at ease discussing their OB/GYN care with a woman as opposed to a man.

This fact has been true for as long as women have been seeking an obstetrician. Yet for many years, women in Centreville did not have a choice when selecting an OB/GYN. Men have always dominated the medical profession and OB/GYN care is no different.

Today, Dr. Khan is revolutionizing the way women in Centreville think about OB/GYN care at All Female OB/GYN. She understands as a woman herself how awkward and uncomfortable it can be to have a male obstetrician or OB/GYN.

All Female OB/GYN is providing an OB/GYN practice that takes into account women’s desires for an obstetrician that they feel comfortable with. Young women, in particular, are often dissuaded from getting the OB/GYN care that they need just because they are intimidated.

All Female OB/GYN is an OB/GYN practice that understands these feelings. We do everything that we can to make visiting an obstetrician for your OB/GYN care inviting and warm. This is very important because if patients are ill at ease, they are less likely to be open with their OB/GYN, and a very important health issue may get overlooked because of it.

You can feel completely at ease speaking with Dr. Khan because she is not just an OB/GYN that caters to women; she is a caring physician who considers compassion and understanding just as important as treating illness.

Look to All Female OB/GYN for extraordinary OB/GYN care.



Anytime you move to a new city or to another part of town, finding a new gynecologist can be difficult. Over the years, you build a certain rapport with your gynecologist. They know your history, they know enough about your health, and you feel comfortable telling them anything they need to know about your gynecology.

If you are a woman who is new to Centreville, VA, you will be happy to know that All Female OB/GYN is there to provide you with an all female OB/GYN practice that accommodates women with an all-female atmosphere.

If you are like most women, you likely prefer a gynecologist who is a woman. The types of exams and procedures required for your gynecology are often delicate and intrusive. It is easy to understand why having an OB/GYN practice that exclusively serves women is a welcome trend in women’s health care.

All Female OB/GYN was founded in Centreville with this principle in mind. Dr. Khan is a female gynecologist who came up with the novel idea of basing her OB/GYN practice on treating women who prefer OB/GYN care by women. Gynecology and the female anatomy is complex, and trusting your feminine health care to a certified gynecologist is very reassuring for many women.

Moreover, having a gynecologist that truly cares about each of her patients the way that Dr. Khan does has made All Female OB/GYN the leading OB/GYN practice for women in Centreville for years. She is very knowledgeable and open so that women of all ages will feel comfortable bringing any and all of their feminine issues to her for treatment.

You do not have to settle for a gynecologist who makes you feel uncomfortable. Choose All Female OB/GYN for all of your feminine health care needs!


Prenatal Care

Having a baby can be a joyous time in a woman’s life—but not always. Without proper prenatal care, pregnancies can end very badly or the child may end up with birth defects that could have been prevented with early detection and proper nutrition. It is this knowledge that guides All Female OB/GYN women’s prenatal care in Centreville, VA.

Dr. Khan is the lead obstetrician at All Female OB/GYN and the founding physician of the Centreville women’s health care clinic, which is designed specifically to treat all women’s health issues including women’s prenatal care.

All Female OB/GYN has a slogan: “Comprehensive and compassionate, care for women of all ages,” and we take that to heart. One of the most compassionate obstetricians in Centreville, Dr. Khan has worked tirelessly to provide prenatal care that meets the needs of all women and is easily accessible.

Yet, she realizes that it is not just accessibility that prevents women from getting the type of prenatal care that ensures a healthy baby. Many times it is the cost, and just as often it is unease with the type of obstetrician that is available. Women generally tend to prefer female physicians for prenatal care and gynecology.

By offering a choice of women’s prenatal care to Centreville women, All Female OB/GYN is making it easier for you to seek the care that you need. This, in turn, prevents unnecessary birth defects and infant mortality.

Providing prenatal care by a female obstetrician whose mission is to provide a space for women to feel at ease is a public service on the part of All Female OB/GYN. It is not surprising that it took a caring female obstetrician to recognize the need for it.

Take advantage of this wonderfully unique clinic for women for exceptional prenatal care.

About Privia Medical Group

Our practice is a proud member of Privia Medical Group - a physician-led, multi-speciality, national medical group. The nation’s top primary care physicians and specialists came together to form Privia Medical Group and share in the mission of providing better, more coordinated care to patients.

Our group focuses on taking accountability for the health and wellness of the patients we serve. We use some of the latest advances in medicine to help our patients remain healthy and better manage disease by offering our patients access to innovative health management technologies, proactive team-based care, and an evidenced-based, patient-centered approach.

Here’s what sets Privia Medical Group apart from traditional practices:

Top Doctors

  • Nationally recognized top physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Physician-led, high-performance medical group
  • Unhurried, comprehensive visits, with time to develop the right care plan
  • Personalized care that exceeds your expectations

Proactive Care

  • Collaborative, team-based medical group
  • Staffed with Health Coaches, Nurse Educators, Pharmacists, and Care Managers
  • Same-day/next-day appointments available
  • Care reminders and alerts
  • Check ins with clinical experts between your office visits

Convenient Technology

  • Book appointments and renew prescriptions online
  • Send and receive secure messages with your care team
  • Secure access to electronic medical records
  • Pay your invoices by credit card, securely and conveniently

State-of-the Art Security and Privacy

We go to extreme lengths to ensure our patients’ information remains confidential and secure.

Not only is our team trained in modern privacy standards (such as HIPAA and PCI compliance), but we also keep your information secure with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption, firewalls, secure servers (including 24/7 surveillance and biometric access), and many more measures to ensure your information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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